Saturday, January 30, 2016

2761. More about Bullying

In the school where I taught before coming to Granada in 2004 we had something great: individual tutoring sessions with each kid. It was a single-sex education school. The kids could give vents to their problems: they would always find an adult prone to listen to them, and to ask them how they were getting along, all in a delicate way. 

Also we teachers found cases of bullying – we fortunately knew enough of each kid, also because we had tutoring sessions with their parents. I mean, we were able to cut off bullying problems from the very root. 

We were a teachers team that learned what was going on at the school. We learned about our students’ conducting and how they felt. 

As well we teachers used to meet up together to talk about the students each term or even with a shorter frequency. Obviously we didn’t talk about what the kids told about themselves at tutoring sessions. If a kid was anxious and choked we could notice his problems and troubles. / Photo from: www boeing com. the picture is just an illustration
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