Monday, October 8, 2018

3449. On Teaching in a Nice Mood

We are not supermen nor superwomen, I told you some posts ago. I can encounter and find problems along the way, on a regular teaching day. What is more, we will find that trouble, as you also well know. 

We should focus mainly on present, which is the only thing we have at hand. And about the future and the past: I should be concerned about them in a peaceful way. 

Future is in God’s hands. And if I try to be a responsible teacher now, I’m already paving my future teaching road. 

And about the past: it also is in God’s hands and what I can do now is to compensate and repair what I did wrong, but in a peaceful mood, please.

Present is the only thing I can focus on – really. That does not mean I will be an irresponsible teacher in the future. As well I have to plan and program that future, but each day has its own concerns. 

I will try my best. And I’ll also try to educate my students, whichever their age is, at carrying out good work and not sloppy. Also because that work well done is the one that makes me a better person and makes my students thorough persons too. Have a nice week, you readers. / Photo from: Ben Boeving

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