Wednesday, October 10, 2018

3450. On Motivating Our Students

If possible – and often it may be possible – we teachers should enjoy teaching. It depends also on the teacher’s interior richness, on the values he has cultivated. 

He should value and weigh up each moment of the lesson, in terms of didactics. 

For example he will say to his students that right then they’re achieving such or such teaching goal. In my case sometimes I tell my students that right then we’re communicating in English in the classroom! We may have been speaking in English for how long, for instance a quarter of an hour. And we can proceed in English.

In that way they get motivated and also then they may enjoy the lesson. We transmit and pass on the like for teaching/ learning to our students. 

As well in that way we connect with our students, and we show the teacher also is human. Thus the teacher can get the best from him or herself, and alike from each student. The point is letting our students know that things are turning out well. 

If that’s not the case, well then, we will try tomorrow, with peace, as I recommended on the previous post. / Photo from: CIE Tours

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