Friday, October 12, 2018

3451. Do Our Students Feel Free in the Classroom?

Quite many years ago, one day while talking with a school subdirector he told me something like it was my students’ business to keep silent and attentive in the classroom. 

I was surprised because I thought it was my business to get them quiet and listening. And he was right. It was my students the ones that had to wish to learn. 

We have to educate our students in freedom and at the same time in responsibility. They are human beings and consequently free and responsible. 

The teacher has to be loyal, sincere and honest with his students, and these latter ones loyal, sincere and honest toward their teacher. 

Something practical and pragmatic? Both at tutoring sessions and in the classroom the teacher can try and make his students responsible by transmitting and passing on to them the like for a well outfitted work. 

He can explain how to work on some activities nice. He will be direct at explaining to them about freedom and responsibility. In a peaceful and elegant way. Seriously and perhaps with some smiling. 

He can explain that he’s there with them fulfilling his job and he and the society expect some nice work from them. Also, of course, their parents and the rest of their families. 

He can give them some examples of freedom and responsibility. And he will go in the first place: he should set an example. 

He can explain how they should take care of their own and the school material, furniture, books, iPads and computers. 

They also should take care of the bathrooms, because there’re some people who keep them clean and neat. 

At the beginning and at the end of the lesson they can arrange their desks into neat lines and rows. And pick up pieces of paper from the floor. And airing and ventilating the classroom. And many other little things you surely can think of. Have a nice weekend. 

/ Photo from: 1942 car of the future plus plane The Saturday Evening Post. Beauty is educative. The picture shows what people might think in 1942 it was beautiful for the future… 

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