3457. Do You Really Care Your Students?

Teaching obviously is pretty important for the class of students. And the teacher has to take care of his teaching. The more, the better. 

Yet he should also take care of his students’ learning, which is the main goal of his lessons. 

So he should foster all that helps his students learn in the classroom. He as well should care he’s promoting autonomous learners: learners that wish to learn and set to the task of learning themselves. The more his students wish to learn, the better. 

At the same time he will always respect his students’ freedom to learn: if they wish to learn, they’ll actually learn. Because of all that the teacher should devote some classes to learning strategies: self-assessment, reading for the gist, memorizing, critic learning, making summaries, relating new knowledge with something previously learned, how to revise, self-testing of the personal attitude to learning, etcetera. 

I’ve already written quite much about learning strategies, and you can consult their label or tag on the right side of the blog. 

Remember: teaching is okay and it’s necessary, but the teacher will look after his students’ actual learning too. / Photo from: gonioscy com


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