3464. Enjoying Classes a Bit More

The teacher should teach and work with his students, okay. I like for him to educate free students. 

He will teach with their freedom. Because his students are human persons, and subsequently free persons. And persons with responsibility, with some subsequent responsibility. 

Freedom and liberty will take the students to become able to choose what is good for them. 

I am free and very free when I can choose what is good for me, and also good for my classmates, and the whole community, and even the whole world. I mean, when I do something which is good I can be helping and assisting all the world. 

If I, as a student, for example work hard, that work influences on my peers and ultimately and in some way on all the world. I make humankind better. 

Something practical? I will teach taking into account they are intelligent beings. I will treat them in an elegant way, respecting them. I will smile when I set some task to them, my students. I will never humiliate them. Beauty is very educative. / Photo from: Car Rental Ireland com


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