3458. The Main Important Thing in the Classroom: Communication Too!

I’ve already told you that we can consciously learn a language or even we can acquire it subconsciously too. 

When producing language – when communicating in that language – we are using both learned and acquired language, tentatively. 

For acquiring the language the student has to be exposed to massive language. So they have to massively listen to that tongue. And also they can be exposed to massive written language. 

From my own experience I can affirm that from read language, from books, from massive reading, I get language that I use when speaking in English to my students for example. 

I use idioms, expressions and phrases I’ve read. English is our common target language. Both they and I are learning and acquiring English. 

I try to read novels and nonfiction often: it would be nice I could read that language every single day. 

When reading we’re sowing the seed, and when producing that tongue we are harvesting and collecting that language, English in our case. Have a nice week. / Photo from: T3 com. Today we here have a lovely rainy day.


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