250. Happy people, definitely

Now here you have what I intended to say on the entry before.

I'd like to just say something . Something I've been meditating.
A few days before the Christmas vacation, we, the students and the teacher of CLM, Universidad de Granada (Spain), were talking about a paramount topic.
I remind you that I am a registered student of level C-2 English, at that center of that university.
We talked about cloning, abortion, life, and what the Church (Roman Catholic) says about sexual morality.
Altogether we are 6 people in the classroom.
The Church is Christ, Jesus Christ, God and man, man and God. Plus his Body, who are everyone of us, baptized.
Jesus Christ..., could be there anyone more in favor of men and women, in favor of my happiness? Christ is no Negative. The Church is not a series of rules that condemns some "dirty" actions. It'smore than that, a big more than that. God, our father, cannot have invented something, an institution to mortyfy us.
In no way do I mean that that conversation, that nice conversation in our classroom at CLM was Church-against-like. Just i wanted to say what said here. A happy 2010.
Oh, if the stuff said here sounds somehow upset or the kind, no my intention. I don't like controversies. I tend to listen rather.
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