527. A lab for thinking

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Yes, you’re referring to metacognitive strategies. One example of activity to utilize this strategy. Look. In the class, your students, with your help, plan a written test of the unit you’ve just finished this week. Your students already know what your tests are like. Now they are the teacher and have to plan the exam. They propose the questions. This forces them to think about what thy have already studied. Maybe nobody decides to say the first question. Now it’s the moment you’ve got to intervene, by giving hints to them. For example, one grammar point you have studied is present perfect. I believe they shouldn’t say, ‘Write one sentence with present perfect.’ No. I’d rather say they ought to suggest a question which the examinee has to use present perfect to convey her message for; this way is kind of more naturalistic.” / Photo from: loseditorialesdesiempre blogspot com


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