528. Serving the others. "What's up, Mr. Meyer?"

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “When you talk with him, in scheduled tutorials or in the very midst of a hall of the school, you both can deal with concentration in the class, also about how to better follow the class - the thread of the class, how to come back to the thread of the class when he was in the clouds, how to be more active in the class, how to accomplish an exercise from the coursebook, how to take out the most of the class – each class is a step forward, how to utter his ideas with the help of the vocab you are studying in the unit or in past units. Oh, fellow, yesterday I thought to remind you of keeping in mind that you have to pass your students on the idea that they are learning English to serve humankind, starting with the people closer to them.” / Photo from: milkman raisethehammer org


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