Thursday, April 5, 2012

821. Once again, communication is just necessary

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “A few days ago I wished to talk with one of my students’ parents – about some trouble their son was doing lately, and about his poor progress lately; I was thinking then: What’s going on with this kid? So I decided to call his parents by phone, so as to arrange a tutorial with them.

However..., would it maybe be better to give a note to the student himself about the tutorial with them?

I would definitely trust the boy. It’d be better to trust the kid and have him cooperate with their parents and me in helping him in his studies and behavior. It’s good the student feels the teacher trusts him. This way had worked ok some other times. Otherwise, if I called his parents direct, in this case, instead of trusting in giving the note for the tutorial, like I always do with the other kids, might possibly hurt him some way and make him think he was not being trusted.

The parents came up the scheduled day and I think we arrive in time to help their son regarding those aspects. Like you say, all in the school must be educative. Oh, and all this doesn’t imply to be someone naive.” / Photo from: bbc world service Learning English. Asking for and giving directions 
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