Monday, April 9, 2012

824. Learning? It's fun often

One brilliant expert in learning English or any other language is H. D. Brown. Reading him has been a grand help to me, teacher of English, concerning my students’ learning to learn that language. It’s a relief for teachers of languages to read the next text. It’s rather focused on adult learners, but I could say it’s also useful for learners from 16 or 15 approximately in the case of boys, and 15 or 14 in the case of girls. The text has been taken from a paper quotation - a paper I wrote for a university journal on Arts, History, Philology, Literature... Here you are.

It’s not ridiculous to conclude, is it, that adults are potentially superior to children in foreign language learning? Research on successful language learners shows that a significant portion of adult success is attributable to optimal conscious learning. You need not be overly worried about all of its details. But at the right moment, you need to be able to monitor yourself or your language with zoom lens, then take corrective action.

In short, try not to think too much about your language learning process, but allow yourself optimal occasions to zoom in and figure out what’s going on. If you can balance the two principles of focusing closely and of getting the larger picture, you will be well on your way to succes. (Brown 1989:229. The reference to this book is easily gotten by typing his name in the Search box). / Photo from: nashvilleviolins com
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