Friday, April 13, 2012

826. Winning? Only after sere training

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “You feel bad, done, distressed, because of that big failure in your work as a teacher. You tell me the thing is that most of your students have failed their last exam of English, and their families are mad [very angry], right? You say the school principal may fire you, moreover. And you think you’re still rookie.

So what? I would tell you to carry on trying to do your best at teaching English, at your job, at treating both students and families, to think of a remedial training and a new test. Well, I really see this is what you are after: improve your work as a teacher and educator, learn new methods and techniques, plan your classes, think of every student’s needs and expectations, ask your veteran colleagues for advice, study about your profession...

Go on that way, and your striving to do things good will pull you out of the hole. Don’t look at me by making that face: all your trouble can still be mended. Think of this trouble tomorrow, in a more serene mood. You can think, then, of the targets you hit and the ‘mischievous’ – like you say – deeds.

Think of your students more, of their good, of their advance as learners of English. One more thing, if it helps you: I usually turn to God, also when I feel all the world falls upon me. As well listen and talk with their parents, little by little, do meet them at the school!” / Photo from: paris tour de france. paris champs élysées
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