Wednesday, April 11, 2012

825. Learning to communicate afresh

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “If your students have the words, they can have the communication they want to hold. No words and no grammar: no communication.
Something you can do is providing your students with the words and grammar they need to give a message, like ‘It’s everyone’s duty to preserve our world’. For example one student has to explain this sentence, this idea to her classmates, in the front of the classroom. Beforehand, also in the class, and shortly, you and she can work together on useful words and expressions. You yourself can provide a few of your own.
Next, her classmates have got to understand her message. They don’t know the sentence itself. So as to explain it, for instance she can use concepts, like: nature, wild life, atmosphere, smog, forests, water, litter, solidarity among peoples; she also can explain healthy and environment-friendly customs; she can use the verb ‘can’ and ‘can’t’; also talk about our descendants, etc. The students will be understanding because of the vocabulary they know, also maybe because of similar words in Spanish (cognates), grammar patterns they already know... And these kids will approximate the meaning of the message, maybe by saying aloud just single words, sentences yet in broken English, longer contributions.
Thus: What are they all having in that class? Not less than communication, and in English, which is your ultimate goal of your school subject. Besides they’re thinking in English.” / Photo from: eastpuertoricodiving com. scuba diving lessons 

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