Thursday, April 19, 2012

829. An in-depth view of things

Here you have a text from a blog about educating. I think the text is sound and might help you in your daily teaching.

I translated the text into English. The original version is in Spanish. The author, José Luis Font Nogués, gave me permission to utilize some of his material. He was a teacher, and an educator in the most profound sense. He has made many tutorials with the boys he taught and with their parents and families.

The blog is  I tried to make the translation as good as possible; and I changed minor unimportant things. Hope it might help you: it’s a good insight and in-depth view of persons, in my opinion. / Photo from: teach-english-mexico com. map of Mexico

Deep understanding other people begins with a view full of love from me toward the other person I have in front of me [think of your students and their families, your girlfriend, your spouse, a friend of yours, anyone else...]. This is love of benevolence, of wishing goodness for that person. That view can reach the innerhood of the other person. In that innerhood you can find the goodness – maybe hidden – of absolutely any person.

Loving each and everyone plus the sere respect to his dignity leads to offer forgiveness, to excuse, and as well to demand good goals from the other person.

In that way you can combine reckoning the positive good things of the other person and understanding and comprehending his weak points, his flaws, plus at the same time helping him with a kind demanding – or suggesting - goals.

From understanding each other you two obtain a deep communication at the same level, or a kind of leveling of that communication and that community of sentiments; and you yourself also discover the other person’s defects, yet not to criticize them but to help struggle for a sane amending. It is a good costume to purify our view of other people in order to wisely read their hearts.
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