Sunday, April 22, 2012

830. Intuition


One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “I'm happy when I see this: a student of mine speaking in English as naturally as if speaking in his own native language up to some extent.

Look. Last year, in Easter, I started to teach private classes to a kid of 9. The second day of classes we used the textbook (coursebook) of English he was learning English with at his school. We had some conversation about the new words he was learning. He did understand my questions in English and he answered in English too, as another way of speaking beside Spanish!

Obviously he knew vastly much in Spanish, but the point here is that he was speaking and, so, thinking in English, not like my dear adult learners who used to translate, at least some times, from Spanish to English. It was not a problem, I think, that we shifted the two languages from time to time.

For the kid there were two ways of saying ‘feet’: in English and in Spanish, ‘pies’. I enjoyed all this very much. I also want to say that he was very smart and used intuition when I told him something in English, something he might have not studied but it was something that had to do with the topic, like for example, parts of the body. I also used gestures as an aid.”

/ Photo from: es 123rf com 3194105. mujer esperando el tren en la estación de ferrocarril. A woman is waiting for the train at the train station. Intuition: What’s she feeling? Maybe she’s a bit anxious for expecting the train, she may be tired, she’s just there, she may be thinking, she's happy though... You may try some intuition about her, because she’s naturally expressing something; here the intuition begins. When you see this picture you at once think of something about her and her attitude. Don’t you?
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