Sunday, April 15, 2012

827. Good manners

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “I’ve been thinking you’re right. I like what you told me last Wednesday: at the beginning of this academic year you addressed your new students and set some rules for a nice conducting in the classroom: anyone should raise his right hand if he wished to say something, they all should stand up when you entered the classroom, you on the other hand should listen and assist any of them... They seemed to agree. They thought those rules were ok for a serene atmosphere of work and study.

Now you try to be coherent with those behavior and politeness rules, first from your own, and also from the students, alright. So you demand respect to one another in the classroom, cooperation with a classmate in need of some help, basic good manners.

However, and I believe you were so right last Wednesday, you said it’s okay to live with some rules or some acquired good customs, but first you should be nice and polite at home, with your wife and kids. So you cannot be an ogre at home whilst at school you’re so nice and peaceful. I like what you told me.

We’ve got to continue talking about this thing, because I’d like to do the same with my students and firstly with my family. I wish to be so nice and attentive with my wife and kids. Both my family and the people I work with at school deserve this kind of treatment.

It’s more probable I can do good things for the people around me at school if at the same time I put in affection and attention at home. For example, if at home today it’s my turn for mowing the lawn I ought not to dogde that housework.” / Photo from: virginmedia com. pixar animation movies. Wall-e and Eve.  
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