Saturday, September 8, 2012

901. Only if professional excitement

Quite many years ago, 25 exactly, so in 1987, I made some friends that in September were already reading handbooks and reference books about linguistics and philology. Then, in those years, college academic years began in October, and finished in mid-July.

Anyway, these guys started to read and study stuff. They had what French people say se réjouir de, have a professional excitement for their degrees. Or what we in Spanish would say ilusión profesional.

Classes would start so late, and thus my friends had decided to start something on their own. They attended college libraries, and they were getting more and more eager to learn further.

Now concerning English: who’s the winning person? The one that really, really wishes, and puts all he can do into practice. / Photo from: guardian co uk. Holly Bleasdale. pole vault at 2012 UK Olympics   
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