Friday, September 14, 2012

904. Just watch and try to understand

One day English teacher A said to English teacher B, “Do you remember how important was to have visual aids when you were teaching at the former school? Visual aids can be very useful, yes sir. Even necessary sometimes.

The English language enters children’s minds also through images and visual stuff. Now I can remember some examples you utilized, albeit some of them were time-consuming anyway.

Think of role-plays (the restaurant thing...), think of revising past actions or last weekend things when you wanted to revise past simple as a warmer to the English class. Or when you assigned them as homework to cut off the pieces of food packages with the ingredients in different languages, or you might also think of the set of flash-cards, word-cards, or the poster of the parts of a house that colleague of yours lent you.

Well, you had just the very chalkboard, where you used to draw so many things, and they liked the puppets, etc. Or as well the description of those colorful photos from that magazine: the first turn was for you to describe pictures, whilst they were only listening, and after that you discussed upon the pics; even often it was the very students that struggled to describe the pictures themselves to their classmates. One last example could be when the kids had to make a sentence by sorting out the mixed words into the correct order.” / Photo from: cnn com. elementary student writing on chalkboard    
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