Monday, September 10, 2012

902. Do you remember the story of Oliver Twist?

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “A few students have a continuous feeling of failure. They never feel satisfied in spite of the good grades they get. They have a low self-esteem. You may be thinking of someone right now. They move on a field where all is black or white. They don’t like themselves. They can be perfectionists.

It’s sensible for you to notice this problem. That kid may be in need of a pediatrician or a doctor, or a talk with his parents.

From your side, tell him, at the tutoring sessions with him, the things he’s doing well and talk about his good points. Better: ask himself first. Let him say what he thinks are good points of his.

As well it’s important that boy should make friends and get concerned about his friends’ troubles and try to tell them some good advice or help them at some subject.

Treat that boy as better than he is or seems to be. I’d even tell you to presume good things he does. In all this way hopefully you might reinforce his good qualities. I'd say the same for girls and female teachers.” / Photo from: pbs org. oliver twist movie   

One more thing: try to teach your kids how to accept themseleves the way they are, this is, to accept himself as he is, however he is; and then, in a sane way, the next step is to try to better himself, by striving in small things and goals concerning his studies for example, with your help and the one of loving God and the one of his family. Work on that line. I added these lines Tuesday, September 12, 2012.
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