Tuesday, September 25, 2012

907. United like a fist

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “One girl that’s been to Ireland for several times told me a few days ago, ‘Look, it’s always the same; you know, a group of Spanish girls go to Dublin, or Limerick, or wherever, and what? Every single evening those girls arrange an appointment to go out, to hang around, or to visit the river side, or go to a burger place, and... so what, all the time they will speak in Spanish.

They even can meet a group of boys... but from Spain.’

The last years that she’s been to Ireland she has stayed in a university residence, where all the girls were Irish or someplace else, but the common language was not any other but English.

Plus the girls of this residence introduced more Irish girls their age to them, and, she admits, had to do things she doesn’t like but the point is she made friends with native speakers. Things she does not like: canoing in the sea, for instance, or lots of sport.

At least many more times than before she speaks English. Now she loves Ireland.” / Photo from: athleticsireland ie mile challenge girls pic  
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