Tuesday, September 11, 2012

903. Do you feel like citysightseeing?

I’ve just returned home. Once again I have heard different languages along the streets. With the ‘plus’ of having been walking along the streets of so a marvelous city as Granada, south of Spain. When walking every day from one place to another I can hear different languages. All sound nice. I ain’t exaggerating, people. 

I like languages. Maybe because of that I studied the degree of Philology of the English Language. You know, I can hear English, in two varieties: mostly American, but also British. Did you know that in Granada we each year have about 2,000 American students - also in Seville for example?

These young people come from Texas, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, Alaska (!), Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland...

Also you’ll hear musical French, plus Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, other Asian tonal languages I can’t recognize, also Slavic languages, African languages, varieties of Spanish: Bolivian, Argentinian, and Brasileiro Portuguese. / Photo from: wonderfulworldreview blogspot com. patio de los leones. ‘The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs of...’
(Today I have prayed for the 9/11)      
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