1998. A way of assessing the students

Some years ago I worked at a school where remedial work was implemented. 

However the most interesting point, beside the tutoring sessions with the students and their parents, was that we teachers of a class-group used to meet to assess and evaluate the students’ work every two months approximately. 

We met in one of the teachers’ offices, and the teacher in charge of the class-group was reading and talking about the grades each kid had gotten. 

All of us were teachers of those kids. The most positive point was that any of the teachers could say something as a remedy for each kid or otherwise any teacher could say something else the kid could carry out, like for instance to help another kid of the same class-group, if the first was a high-achiever. 

As a result every student got something positive for the rest of the academic year. 

Thus we could implement remedial tasks for a student for whom an urgent aid was paramount. / Photo from: www telegraph co uk. Teachers meeting


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