Saturday, October 4, 2014

2002. Fun at kindergarten: essential

Yesterday one of the meetings I had was with the vice-president of a special center for college students. It was nice, thank you. 

When returning home I passed by a center of languages, a prestigious one in Granada, to greet the workers and let them know I’m going to have informal classes of speaking with the students nearby. 

The school I passed by was Inlingua, a famous one, as I said. I introduced myself, etc., and I could see one young female teacher with a line of young kids learning vocabulary I guess. 

She was singing and acting out. 

The school is decorated with colorful posters and so. Another nice visit, I assure you. 

I know other Inlingua centers in Spain. Their methods and methodology are so interesting, and their students massively pass Cambridge examinations of English. / Photo from: kindergarten class ts www pbs org
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