Monday, October 27, 2014

2032. The key thing in marriage

What may the main problem within the marriage be? 

I think it has to do with lack of communication. 

I will explain. Imagine both work out. 

The housework is carried out by both, though she’s the main factor here. Women have precisely femininity. They’re more “designed” to look after the house and the children. However he, the husband, helps out more and more. 

Nevertheless there’s little of communication, of deep communication. Ok, they carry out the housework, but she needs to tell SOMEONE about her day out and the family’s issues. 

Such is the marriage’s life. 

A time for her to tell her husband all things must be found. 

I propose one: the kids are in bed already, and the couple remains alone in the lounge. Today’s housework has already been done. Right now she can release and deliver her little (usually) trouble and problems. Let’s be honest: he NEEDS to tell his stuff of today to someone too. 

Now it’s the time for a tranquil conversation and exchange of points of view. 

It’s better so: otherwise the woman in the husband’s life will be the secretary, and on that pathway we’re going wrong, is this right? / Photo from: How-Talking-Helps-Marriage-mdn www womansday com
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