2020. Just teens

Once a student not looking very satisfied was filling out a test, looking rather bored too, leaning his head on his left elbow. 

A question was what adolescence is. And he wrote: it is a disease parents suffer when their children are 14 or 15. 

Jokes aside, parents should – amongst other things – know how to manage and deal with this period of life. 

Education today is not like in other periods of history, a matter of just common sense. This latter one is necessary, yet parents (or the parent) have got to read and study books or web sites about this age, according to their own vision of life. 

There’s a collection of books for family today I recommend, translated into English, like the book by Fernando Corominas Bringing Up Children Today – you can have a peek at www.edicionespalabra.es . I can assure it’s worth a reading, it’s a must-read, and the expert is very expert. / Photo from: bored-student christopherteh com


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