2013. Educating for life within family

Parents should meet their children’s friends, for instance because one day the friends go to the family’s house for some snack, and the evening can be so nice and charming. 

The parents that read a lot achieve their children read too. And if the kids read a lot they’ll have fewer spelling mistakes, and they’ll learn a lot, and even mature sooner. 

According to age, since the kids are very young, their parents should educate them about human sexuality, which context is love. 

Better if Dad explains that to the boys one by one, and the same Mom to the girls, and little by little, as the occasion comes up. In marriage, human sexuality is aimed to the parents’ love to each other, and as full persons, plus bringing more babies, and educating them for life. 

For the moral quality you can consult www.delibris.org . Young members of the family, as this, will grow happier. / Photo from: Family-Reading idahovoices org


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