Friday, February 13, 2015

2168. How to treat pre-adolescents

Pre-adolescents, above all boys of 10, 11, 12… tend to be generous by themselves. 

We parents and grandparents and teachers should make good use of this period to help them grow with generosity: they’re prone to help, to give, to give themselves to others. 

We could give and assign our sons and daughters small jobs at home or at the school, as a practical clue or tip I give you. They’re prone to cooperate. 

Small jobs at home? Mowing the lawn, getting out the garbage at night, walking the dog, setting the table for dinner, making the bed in the morning, washing the dishes, etc. 

At school? Turning off the lamps at the end of the class-day, erasing the chalkboard, picking up balls of paper on the floor, airing the classroom, looking after the bulletin board of the classroom, watering the plants, etc. / Photo from: danubio www catai es
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