Saturday, February 14, 2015

2171. How to make students free and responsible. A tip

Our labor as teachers does not confine to teach math, English, biology, etc., but rather it should be a thorough education to make them free and responsible citizens when they’re older, and now alike. 

Okay, but How? 

Try to make them free and responsible in fulfilling their homework, 
in their listening to the teacher and other classmates, 
by assigning them small jobs in the classroom (in my blog there are posts with a “Small jobs” label), etc. 

We’ve got to exert discipline in classes, but ultimately they keep on being free and responsible during the class, in their own. 

A student may be chattering with a classmate during our presentation, or another student’s presentations – it’s then when you can explicitly explain about their freedom and subsequent responsibility, calm and nice. / Photo from: danubio www vienna-alacarte com
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