Sunday, December 6, 2015

2706. Taking Care and Saving Our Planet

We teachers, of any subject, must educate our students about taking care of the environment and make them get aware and conscious of the climate change. 

First this is also something to learn at home, but we can do some things, as I said, each teacher with his school subject. 

We can make an oral presentation and they write down the main points, or a student can make the presentation, after having consulted the Internet about this serious problem. 

We are the last generation that has the last chance to stop climate change and global warming. 

The students can make work projects about this trouble, like posters that present all this. It depends on the students’ age, ultimately, from making posters with texts in English to a work project with older students, who could make a Power Point presentation, plus explaining on this topic. 

As well when at an excursion to the countryside we can teach some of them to avoid dropping cans and wrapping papers. / Photo from: Our-Planet-planet-earth www fanpop com
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