Sunday, December 6, 2015

2707. The Solution: Tutoring Sessions

At school kids learn different school subjects, right? 

Ok, this diversity, some scholar says, like expert Carlos Cardona, that this diversity isn’t good for our students, at whatever period the students are: primary, secondary or college. 

The solution isn’t simple, I would dare say, but if the student talks with his tutor at individual tutoring sessions, this one could arrange all their knowledge within something unitary, with the tutor’s aid and help: we have a whole, which is school education and instruction. 

Because of that, tutoring sessions are so good – always if the tutor is well formed, honest, upright, plus a male tutor for boys and female tutors for girls, for people at tutoring sessions, if these are frequent, take them two to confidence, and we’ve had many problems already in other schools, to add more problems within the relationship of tutor and student: as I said male teachers for boys and female tutors for girls. / Photo from: colegio-altozano
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