2720. Practical Written Tests and Their Correction and Scoring

Written tests should be practical: simple to grade and score, and practical because they concern communication. 

We teach a language, or to communicate in that language. 

Speaking and listening could be assessed apart and daily, with the aid of a class list, with symbols or small titles, for the grades (or marks). Plus my knowledge of students’ improving and striving. 

In my written tests I included: an exercise about vocabulary, to translate from Spanish into English. 

Next is an exercise to write a sentence with a word from exercise 1. 

Then I include rather practical exercises, like a writing one, to write about a topic or situation, and the students had got to write 100 or 150 words, or the like. 

Assessing written communication, as you can see, is included in the test exercises. I tried to assess their communicative competence chiefly. 

Now, how we corrected the test in a later class. Students used to say the words in English from exercise 1. I or one student gave a sentence with a word from exercise 1. For open questions or exercises I or they used to give examples of sentences or texts. 

It should also be a chance to learn more – also practical because of that. As well those tests were practical and simple to make up and compose by me. / Photo from: www dailymail co uk


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