Saturday, December 19, 2015

2723. More and More in English in Spain

One problem I see in my country (Spain) is people are afraid or shy to speak in English - this fact has been so so far, but the thing is changing. 

Now young people on the street in Granada, for instance, can be seen speaking in English with another person or by the cell phone. 

Just you need English if you want to find a job - even sometimes employers ask you to have two foreign languages, for example English and German. 

I can see that if you want to learn and acquire English you've got to plunge into the water and must lose your fear to speak in that tongue. 

You can also see that young people are losing more and more fear to speak in the target language. You have to overwhelm any fear to speak in English - otherwise you will get nothing. / Photo from: www richardsoninsuranceinc com
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