Sunday, April 6, 2014

1701. Debating

Something that can be interesting is to make our students engage their minds to solve problems; to think, in other words. 

We can include texts with substance, either historic, biographic, ethics, philosophy, thought, science and technology… Besides, in that way we’re preparing them for their future. School is preparation for adult life, isn’t it? 

As well we can organize debates: we split up the class into two groups, we let them prepare their arguments by speaking in their native language (L1) if they prefer so, and then, we dedicate the rest of the class to give turns into the big conversation. 

It’s worth to try. 

The speakers will speak in English (the L2), and try to convey and express their positions, opinions... We can let other students intervene. It’s interesting and sound, in the process of learning and acquiring English. / Photo from: students’ presentations. www rhodeisland edu
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