2709. When Parents Are Against You as a Teacher

In your daily teaching sometimes you can encounter parents that complain about their son’s grades (marks), and what is more, they state that it’s you the cause or reason of their son’s failure. 

Perhaps you’re their son’s tutor, and they defend that you’re the reason of his bad grades, that you don’t know how to guide and lead that student toward success. 

First you, on your own, can honestly think if there’s any truth in that accusation. 

If the kid is a low-achiever or doesn’t study, you’ve got to declare so: his capability is rather low or you realize he doesn’t study nor practice. 

If the student’s capability is low, you can try to make their parents accept the situation and accept their son as he is. Be tactful: their son could be good at some other abilities different from studying. 

Always be patient, polite, don’t get upset, and stay in their parents’ shoes. 

Always be honest and sincere, and tentatively all the stuff could turn out clear and your struggle to save that kid will be ultimately reckoned. 

I’ve seen cases where the kid was an ace at some manual job and he earned a nice amount of money. / Photo from: selfie diferentiaentre info


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