Monday, December 14, 2015

2717. Are We Teachers Honest and Upright? Some Ethics

Being an English-language teacher or other school subjects implies and entails some ethics. 

Every job has its own ethics and deontology. For example we teachers do not accept presents and other gifts from our students and their families, lest we would be called corrupted people. 

However in some countries it can be customary for teachers to receive those presents for example in Christmas. 

Also ethics has to do with our attempting to carry out a thorough and outfitted work, for example we could get interested in the fact that all the students would do and reach their best. We have to improve our teaching and teaching our students how to learn. 

Do we ever consult journals or books or web sites for bettering our work? Do we consult our problems with veteran colleagues or department headmasters? / Photo from: www roleplayenguild com
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