Tuesday, December 6, 2016

3049. Femininity as Something Essential

Women are important at school, because they’re important at home, for education, and also they’re important at society, at any level.
In case women are rotten, society is rotten. They’re so important. And at boys schools they’re important, at least as cooks and lady cleaners, and as admins alike. Because they provide a role which is indispensable. And it is something indispensable because they’re indispensable at education, together with dads.
I’m referring to their special features and qualities as women: femininity is indispensable at education, at home, at schools, at society. At any social association – I’m aware of the redundancy – they also are indispensable. And their absence is something to be noticed. Something we cannot stand.
On the other way round, if they’re present, all is easier – because of that also they’re indispensable at kindergarten, while at upper grades men can teach children and teens – think of single-sex education for example. But men can teach and educate because there were women at early education stages.
Thus we have complementary roles: both men and women are just necessary.
Boys need to see manly features in their education, both at home and at school. For their education men are necessary. And that’s so because boys need to see what men are like: they need that reference. As simple as nature. They both are complementary and necessary. Indispensable, both of them. / Photo from: ryanair-snow-shower-take-off Microsoft Flight Simulator screen shots www Mythical Ireland. The picture is just a nice illustration.
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