Thursday, December 1, 2016

3045. The Best Friendship Ever!

Something great among our students is friendship.
And generosity enhances and boosts it. The friends you meet when you’re a schoolboy or a schoolgirl you don’t forget them ever, do you? We can remember some or many of the classmates we had in our childhood and adolescence.
Our students are creating friendships that won’t ever be forgotten. Giving to others, being generous with one another, lending school material greatly reinforce that comradeship.
Something curious that happens to me is that I can better recall my friends’ last names or surnames than their first names…
You have spent time with those people that you’ll never forget. You have spent some experiences that mark your life. The first experiences at important things: the first girls you liked, exams and tests, the first confessions, the large science lab, the best teachers ever, firecrackers and bonfires, the first climbing the city walls, I don’t know, the first sport teams at basketball – I was never taken out to play, since I was so bad… In few words you’ve shared nice common things. At those friendships you used to give the best from you! As also our teachers gave the best of them: how grand they were, most of them! / Photo from: touroperators0915 Travel + Leisure. Also family experiences are recorded forever!
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