Tuesday, December 13, 2016

3054. Do You Want to Keep Calm?

We teachers have to learn to keep serene when we are hectic.
We may have a lot of work accumulated, okay but let’s keep serenity, in order to be able to think about what’s the best in such and such circumstances. We may be hasty but let’s be careful for we’re treating people, ultimately!
If we’re upset at a given moment let’s not scold that disruptive student, until tomorrow, when we may be more settled and in good mood and shape. That student also would appreciate it: a terrific scolding can be counter-productive. Don’t me lose your temper, ever and ever: we could regret later.
If we have a lot of work, let’s keep serene and carry out one thing after another, one by one, step by step. Serene, always serene, to be able to think properly and in a sound way. What are we to gain if we’re uneasy? Can you tell me? Let’s keep what some people name cold blood.
Also let’s stay peaceful, albeit we may not sense and feel any progress from our dear students. A lesson may have turned out bad: tomorrow it’ll be better, also because we have got more experience, don’t we? Even so whenever we think we weren’t accurate at one lesson. Take it easy.
Alike let’s rest upon God’s care and providence. I want you serene and easy. Take a quick relaxing: relax your body members, relax your face muscles and listen to silence or quietness. Trust me. / Photo from: 1920x1200_tree-field-plain-green-sky-lonely-day-summer www 1freewallpapers com
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