3048. Educating Young People is Nice!

Young people have to be rebellious, in the good sense. Rebellious against what makes them be mediocre and common place. They have to be rebellious nowadays, against what makes them become like beasts.
Because the young people who don’t find obstacles cannot be good and virtuous: they show themselves as good when they find obstacles to jump over: hard times, wars, lack of what’s necessary for living, hard day-to-day, even just daily education!
Now there are good young people at many places: those who have to behave as human people at those difficult and tough situations, or at simple daily situations too! For example they don’t want to be dragged by drugs, alcohol, sex, but they want to be as they are, human beings.
Spanish famous doctor and writer Gregorio Marañón used to say a good young person is good when he or she has to find obstacles in their way, because good with no difficulties is simple and easy. He wrote about this in an article of 1966.
Think now of a rebel: a good one, in the good sense of “good”: he or she is capable of jumping over and overwhelming obstacles in his or her way to become a mature person. Young people shouldn’t be dull, blunt and obtuse. What youngsters do we want to educate? Youth is the age of ideals, which can be traced and observed in young people’s thirst for what’s genuine.
Think of ideals like generosity, patriotism, helping other people, love, citizenship, environmental friendship, manliness, solidarity, beauty. We teachers should remember all this when we have our dear students in front of us, day after day. / Photo from: great-family-excursion TripAdvisor. The picture may show nice family relationships.


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