724. How d'you do?

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B,
“Lately I’m getting more aware of some of my students’ circumstances. I’m referring to kids that never advance or are attentive in the class.
They can have problems with drugs or drink, sleep deficit, receiving bad treatment at home, or treating their parents bad. And there they are, with me for some hours a day.

A teacher told me, on the other hand, that the family is the first factor that influences on these kids (!). She said some examples to show attitudes that can help, definitely. Look.

Dad not only talks with the adolescent about the grades. There can be family meetings, like at dinner, when everyone can intervene and tell what he or she thinks. Dad and Mom listen to that kid, who is asking for being listened to, please!

This teenager is eager Dad and Mom and his oldest brother would listen to his worries. He feels insecure about himself. Because of that he dresses that way, and shouts, like meaning here I am, I’m someone to count on.

Mom sometimes tells her son about some of her concerns, as to share things to solve, or just about something funny concerning Granny.

The kid’s opinions are listened to and taken into account. Mom and Dad are someone who you can count on. They put in his shoes, learn his interests, his world, Twitter, Tuenti. Dad stops to listen to him to answer to his anxieties, notices the faces and hints he shows and which ones have a significant meaning for Dad.

Both Dad and Mom work out, yet they find time to stay with their children at home. Home is somewhere cozy and everyone is loved just because of his or her being part of that family. Well, here I stop.” / Photo from: theupbeatdad com. Father talking with teenage son


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