Saturday, December 3, 2016

3047. It'll give you prestige!

I’ve advised you to plan your lessons, right? Now I would tell you we teachers should be flexible about that planning.
I mean, you know, if we see an activity is not right at certain moment, because our dear students need something different, we could skip that activity and proceed into the next one from the planning.
Flexibility is a necessary skill every teacher should have. Also if you notice such or such activity is getting boring for our students we should also skip it, and proceed into the next one or even sometimes the best thing is to right away change all the planning thing. It’s up to you and your students’ needs.
So remember, flexibility. Practice and experience will tell you about that point.
Something else: planning our classes and lessons provide prestige to us as teachers. Lesson planning shows a thorough labor from you and gives you prestige, something you need to enhance a moral prestige and authority. You need those authority and prestige to help your students - I don't mean prestige for a selfish end. / Photo from: man-at-computer Essay World. The picture might be showing a committed teacher.
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