Friday, December 9, 2016

3051. Like Walking on My Roof!

My class-groups are mixed-ability ones. Like any one of yours, I guess, right? Anyway, what to do?
For example I catch myself translating something I just said or explained, into Spanish, our mother language, for some of my students, while I try to create and make up immersion into English, and so in that way I could facilitate acquiring the language.
But the quick solution for some of my rather low-achievers is to turn into Spanish. I said low-achievers, but it’s not so: just there’re so many different levels of English amongst my dear adult students. All of them are nice and so willing to learn and eager to participate!
Any suggestions are tentatively welcome.
I’m thinking of, on the other hand, making up worksheets of a higher level for those who can go faster and can reach a more thorough communicative competence. Something also I can do is making the high-achievers monitor my lower-level students, whatever they may do, even translating into Spanish, while I won’t translate myself. In that way I could be making up that atmosphere in English – in other words, immersion into English. / Photo from: Roofing Doctor. That man is mending his roof, in a risky and hazardous way, like the difficult way of teaching mixed-ability groups of students.
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