Monday, December 12, 2016

3053. Our Students' Lives Are in Our Hands!

In some way we teachers have our students’ souls in our hands, what a responsibility…, and we can influence on their education and even on their salvation, up to some extent!
We are like their shepherds and influence on their souls’ salvation, through our daily work in and out of the classroom.
Educating is also an art, a fine art, I would say. What a responsibility, because our students and their minds and their souls are in our hands! We’re like potters, who mold them as better students and better persons alike. Whatever we do or whatever we don’t do influence on them. Even our private life, I would say.
Yesterday I found a beautiful text by Spanish writer Eugenio D’Ors, published in 1915.
Pero yo te digo que cualquier oficio se vuelve filosofía, se vuelve arte, poesía, invención, cuando el trabajador da a él su vida, cuando no permite que esta se parta en dos mitades: la una, para el ideal; la otra para el menester cotidiano. Sino que convierte cotidiano menester e ideal en una misma cosa, que es, a la vez, obligación y libertad, rutina estricta e inspiración constantemente renovada. / Photo from: Planes de familia Esquiando en Sierra Nevada. On the photo you can see children, probably with their dad. I live in Granada, close to Sierra Nevada, where you can go skiing now.
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