Wednesday, December 14, 2016

3055. Our Work as Teachers is Great!

We teachers should bear in mind we have a great help for our dear daily teaching: the transcendent. We can lean on the transcendent. Man has a thirst for the transcendent.
We can turn to God, and count on his big help, and this is a grand truth! As well on his blessed mother, and our mother alike, Saint Mary.
We human people have a soul, some spiritual part of ours: this is a plain truth, I’d say. Material things are okay, but we also need the spiritual. We long for love and happiness. And we can see it in novels and films, is that right? We need transcendent values, we cannot confine to material stuff, which is okay anyway! / Photo from: Osterrike-Alpene www comwest fi. We also long for beauty! And that’s a beautiful photo. - I think it is from Finland.
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