586. Discovering new things

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Achieving to learn new things motivates the student to go on learning more things. Also if the student understands the grammar he or she is learning, he’ll find a text or sentences with a meaningful message. Now think of this learner if he reads in advance pages of his textbook the class hasn’t studied yet. I mean, the student can have a look at the following unit the class is going to begin next week. He can read through the pages, look up and find the main topic, new grammar, new words, new and fresh exercises.

As well the pictures of that unit provide useful information. So when the whole class begins the new unit, this student already knows some things, and can relate what he’s read to what is going to be developed along the following days. It provides an advantage position for the learner if compared with his classmates.” / Photo from: destination360 com. mexico-scuba-diving-s


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