601. Candies! / Young students

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Young students, six, seven, eight... years cannot follow a class just sitting and listening. They need to move, to stand up, to walk, to circulate around. I knew a teacher burnt out when he began teaching English to young students. So, I would say - if it’s useful - you might shift activities every five, or ten minutes. Utilize visual aids, implement TPR (Total Physical Response), take them down to the playground to learn objects and places of the school, make them learn their five senses, use flash-cards, posters, word-cards to stick on the board, utilize realia. However, start teaching them to stay sitting nice also. Be patient.

Female teachers have, I’d say, something inherent for these kids, yet there are some male teachers, evidently. Unless you have much extra time to make up material... Well you should have some stuff at the department of English, and you can ellaborate some more and keep it. On the label of this blog, # 259, you’ll find plenty of games that don’t need extra-time preparation.” / Photo from: havenscandies com. A factory tour.


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