608. Sense of humor and a nice rapport

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Sense of humor is something natural in human relationships, also in the class. It’s perfectly compatible with a serious discipline, as you may know. Even more, there cannot be humor if discipline lacks in a class.

All this stuff has to do with striving to work well, both teacher and students.

It’s like a lubrificant for the gear of the class, which enables the conducting of the class ok.

But don’t force up the situation in the class: it’s not being funny. Have fun in the class: perfectly compatible with rigor in working.

If you are competent, more likely you’ll be able to manage the class and enjoy the class. Be patient to obtain a good rapport. Be respectful to your students, not bitter, listen to them like they were adults; they like this.” / Photo from: now dartmouth edu


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