589. Feedback from our students

And today I post this comment by another teacher of English, Ayse Reyya, also published in the web site of British Council – BBC. I read it couple days ago. I hope you like it. The link to this site is on the right column of my blog; worth to visit!

We should ask our students

Submitted on 3 February, 2011 - 16:28

I think we should ask their opinion (what and how would you teach if you were me?)once in a while and get some different/student perspective. we sometimes get so caught in our own teaching styles and ideas that we miss the point. they sometimes give very simple but useful & innovative answers.

Ayşe Reyya

/ Photo from: fotos-paisajes net. This is a view of Palacio del Generalife, which is a part of Alhambra palace and fortress, in Granada. They were bulit in muslim style, in the Middle Age. The picture is just to illustrate this post.


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