584. You two are at the same flight

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “When talking with your students at individual tutorials, you ought not to show as an ice model, distant, aloof, someone you can fear but not someone you can share your worries with, like you were a flawless person, not prone to forgive or help out. Maybe you can tell him that it takes you some effort to do things okay too. That you may have the same struggle as he can have, that when also you were 15 you had to struggle on the same field as him. With confidence and humanly you can tell him some worries and concernings about the school, and can share some joys too – be prudent anyway, when talking about yourself, because the aim is helping your student, not confess all you have inside. And you aren’t his buddy.” / Photo from: altairva-fs com. Douglas DC3.


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